Ultra-light flight

These Ultralight Aircrafts are designed to safely carry passengers while providing openings from both sides to allow viewing freedom. The end result is that you feel as if you are flying like a bird. Enjoy the fresh air on your face, scenes of mighty Annapurna range just right in-front of you. The aircraft used are manufactured in Russia and are powered by Rotax 582 engines. The operational speed ranges from 50km/h to 130km/h. These are two-seater planes, which carries one pilot one passenger in every flight. These aircraft can fly for four hours and reach the height of 5000 meter flying 300 km at a stretch. Their high aerodynamic qualities allow this delta wing aircraft to perform long flights with engine turned off. Their unique design includes a ballistic parachute system, which enables the aircraft to land safely during emergencies. Operations are controlled by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, which checks pilots’ proficiency & the condition of the aircraft. Insurance policy conforms to the rules for the Passenger, Aircraft, Pilot and the third parties, which means they are insured just as other domestic flights.

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