Trek Gradation

Easy : Generally between 900 and 2000 meters (3000-6500 feet) with plenty of ups and downs. Travellers needs to be regular walkers to fully enjoy this experience. It is possible, however, to design “easy and short” three or four day treks with only two to five hours walking per day.

Moderate : Possibly involving side trips to higher elevations between 900 and 3000 meters (3000 – 10000 feet).

Moderate to Strenuous : Reasonably demanding trekking at altitude up-to 4000 meters (13000 feet) with trips to higher elevations and could include treks away from villages on ill-defined mountain trails.

Strenuous : All Tibet tours are included here primarily because of the rigours of the climate and over high altitude, varying from Lhasa 3700 meters (12000 feet) to high pass crossing by vehicles or on foot over 5000 meters (16500 feet). Treks in other areas treks of demanding nature, require all participants to be fit and in excellent health, often in remote alpine areas and sometimes reaching altitudes over 5500 meters (18000 feet).

Alpine : These are extremely demanding treks, sometimes in very remote areas on rough terrain, and could include (in Nepal) climbs of one or more of the “trekking peaks” (maximum altitude, Mt. Meera at 6461 meters, 21192 feet). Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of the use of crampons and ice axe, though first time climbers may be accepted on some of the “easy” routes. Medical certificates are required for acceptance into these climbing treks.

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