Temples Outside Kathmandu

MANAKAMANA TEMPLE – Located on the top of a tall hill in Gorkha district of western Nepal, Manakamana Temple is revered as that of the wish fulfilling Goddess. Regular cable car service from Kurintar (100 km / 62 miles) to the south (half way to Pokhara) has made the access to the temple much more easier. Thousands of pilgrims from India and Nepal visit the temple every year. Unlike other temples, the priest in this temple comes from an ethnic group, Magar, non-Brahmin caste.

MUKTINATH TEMPLE – Among all Hindu shrines of Nepal, Muktinath is situated at the highest altitude of 13000 ft / 3900 mt above the sea level in the mid-hilly region of Mustang district of Nepal. This is the place where all Gods including Lord Brahma performed a special religious rite, “Yagyan” for the salvation of all living species on earth. So this place is called the place of salvation that ultimately makes people free from all sufferings in this world. It is widely believed that the sacredness of this place has been enhanced because of the presence of Trinity Gods: Vishnu as water, Shiva as fire and Brahma himself as a performer while performing the divine “Yagyan”: There are 108 water spouts for pilgrims to take holy bath.

JANAKPUR – is names after the King, Janak whose daughter Sita became the wife of Lord Rama. It is 378 km / 236 miles to the south east of Kathmandu. It is accessible by both land and air from Kathmandu. This place is also famous for Mithila art and culture.

Other pilgrimage sites in Nepal are – Damodarkunda, Devaghat, Sworgadwari, Gosaikunda, Dolkha Bhimsen, Sahashreshwor of Khaptad, Saileshwori, Siddha Nath Baba and the famous temple of Tripurasundari in the far west of Nepal.

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